The functions of the department of administration includes;


  1. To handle issues relating to staff discipline, promotions, confirmation, retirement, resignation, inter-cadre transfer and withdrawal of service.
  2. Handle matters relating to staff welfare, pension, petitions/litigations, Code of conduct Bureau, ICPC, EFFCC and Due Process and Service.
  • Prepare Annual Budget Estimates and Processing of matters relating to insurance.
  1. Procurement/maintenance of office furniture and equipment/generation plants and purchase of stationery items.
  2. Board of surveys for Treasury cash offices.
  3. Staff welfare-Biometrics on staff, sanitation, marriages and death.
  • Revenue generation for the ministry from the use of the Conference Hall.
  • Disposal of unserviceable item.
  1. Recruitment of junior staff.
  2. Constitution and examination of reports on Committees and Commissions from Ministries.
  3. Purchase of foreign exchange for Ministries and Extra-Ministerial Departments.


2.0       PERSONNEL

Karo G. Ovemeso                           – Deputy Director

Onowugbeda S.O.                                     -Assist Chief Admin. Officer

Ikolo, H.O. (Miss)                           – Admin. Officer II

Ogbokeme Cyril Perekeme         -Admin. Officer II

Mordi, I.N.O.                                   -Chief Executive Officer

Itinagbedia, J.E.                              -Asst. Chief Stores Officer

Mentie, O.  M                                  – Prin. Exe. Officer II

Itiveh, Kevwe (Mrs.)                      -Senior Exe. Officer

Mordi, John Chukwudi                 -Executive Officer

Ewuba, S.                                         -Chief Clerical Officer

Onwochei, A. (Miss)                      -Chief Clerical Officer

Awosigho Rose (Mrs.)                   -Snr. Clerical Officer

NwaoligidiEmeka M.                     – Clerical Officer II

Michael, S. (Miss)                           -Clerical Asst.

Awharitoma, L.                               -Chief Motor Driver/Mech

Agboma Sunday                             -Chief Motor Driver/Mech

Owumi, P.                                        -Work Superintendent

Orishegbenie, S.                             -Chief Heavy Plant Operator

Ogorure, O.                                     – Chief Heavy Plant Operator

Ozoerum, R. (Mrs,)                                   -Head Messenger

Okotete, R. (Miss)                          -Head Cleaner