The Honorable Commissioner for Finance, Sir, Fidelis Okenmor Tilije has urged the Accountants in the State to strive for accountability and accuracy in their field and indeed, every aspect of their lives.
He made this statement during the maiden edition of the Forum of Accountants Congress at the Conference Hall of the Olorogun Felix Ibru Secretariat, Asaba.

He said that one of the responsibilities of an Accountant was to ensure that there are no leakages in presentation hence he advised that they work both with expertise and a functioning conscience to avoid falling short of standards.
Sir Tilije emphasized on the need to shun all forms of corruption and negative practices in the field to ensure the accuracy of work done and presented.

He expressed joy at the mention of an existing Library for Accountants and urged them to engage in constant reading and to seek avenues to improve on themselves saying it would align them with world best practices and make the accounting Profession interesting.

The Commissioner pledged his support to the forum advising them to be noble in their conduct.
The Chairman of the Forum of Accountants, Sir Amaechi Banye, reiterated the objectives of the body as stated during his inaugural speech which include; building a family of Accountants that will uphold core values, integrity and professionalism.

Other objectives according to Sir Banye included developing a Network with sister professional bodies like Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN), etc, and improving on training and professional development of Accountants through seminars and workshops, amongst other objectives.
He thanked members for their unflinching support and vote of confidence in the executive members, re-assuring them of his commitment to focus on the objectives of the body. He further promised an all-inclusive involvement in the day to day running of the forum and a concerted effort to serve and re-assure members of transparency and prudent management of resources amongst others.

The high  b point of the event was the unveiling of the official website of the Delta State Forum of Accountants by the Commissioner and the presentation of a plaque to him by the forum in recognition of his partnership with them.

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